Building On a Narrow Lot Without Compromise

Creating a home from a narrow plot of land can be difficult, and is often fraught with tension and anxiety. Part of the problem is that the plot owners have not thought carefully about the kind of home they want to be in, and have been prepared to make too many compromises about the interior of the home. Although there may have to be some very small cut-backs in what people expect from their home, most house designs for narrow blocks are able to accommodate everything that the average person needs in their home. In fact, some narrow lot house designs can give you more in terms of style and modern features than houses built on larger lots.

Perhaps one of the things which many people forget when looking at is that modern living can accommodate the open-plan style of room arrangement. By not including walls between kitchens, dining rooms and other areas, the designer can automatically create more space. The installation of windows is also very important, as many of the homes need to have lots of light in order to prevent the house from looking small and dingy. The amount of light a house allows in can create an impression of size even when it is built upon a small lot, and this is something which narrow lot house designs frequently take into account.

The clever positioning of rooms, halls and doors also allow the designer to create a world where the home looks much bigger than it actually is. A house with unobstructed views from the front to the back of a home will always look much larger than one which is partitioned into very small rooms, and house designs for narrow blocks will take this into consideration too. By getting a designer to create your perfect home using just a small amount of land, you can give yourself more space than in a conventional two-up-two-down building on a housing estate.

The other thing that is important when you are discussing the narrow lot house designs is the building of your perfect space. You will need to find narrow block builders who is used to installing houses according to a narrow design, since they will be able to adapt their usual building techniques in order to create narrower walls, or more support on the outside of the house. If you can work with your designer and your builder upon your house design then you should be able to create a living space which will not feel as though you have compromised in any way.