Exploring the MasterMind

Just what is the The Mastermind Review? To some, the name may sound a bit ominous. But to those fortunate insiders tapped into this powerful information, the mere mention of the Mastermind automatically brings the sense of exhilarating success that they know manifests when a group of people evolves into a single-minded synergistic unit. Sound complicated? Don’t worry, it’s not and we’re going to unravel the mystery right now.

First, to those unfamiliar with the term, rest assured that the Mastermind is not some insidious character from a James Bond movie, nor is it a shadowy organization behind some global conspiracy.

In fact, the Mastermind may be the most powerful resource available to create success and achieve your life goals, whether personal, business or spiritual.

The term Master Mind, or Mastermind Alliance, was first coined by Dr. Napoleon Hill, widely recognized as the father of the personal development movement, in his classic perennial bestseller Think and Grow Rich first published in 1937.

The “Master Mind Alliance” simply refers to a group of two or more like-minded individuals working together to achieve a mutually beneficial end result.

In the words of Dr. Hill himself:

“No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.”

Stop where you are for a moment right now and just breathe in that concept:

“…an invisible, tangible force which may be likened to a third mind.”

Can’t you just feel the power within that statement already? What is this mysterious “third mind” to which Dr. Hill refers? Some might call it The Universal Mind. Others might refer to it as The Collective Unconscious. Still others might even experience the Mastermind as God.

Whatever your perception of the source of Mastermind energy, one thing is certain. This concept has proven successful over and over again so if you are not already engaged in a Mastermind group, then you are missing an incredible tool that you can use to expand virtually any area of your life.

OK, now all the little “gremlins” on your shoulder are probably going absolutely crazy, asking all sorts of little questions like: “Am I good enough?” “Am I smart enough?” “How can I do this?” “Who would want to be in my Mastermind Alliance?” “How can I possibly find them?” This is a perfectly natural response, so have no fear.

The Mastermind process is simple and it’s going to get much easier for you after your first couple of Mastermind meetings. You are about to find out how to master the Mastermind.
Let’s first establish some keys points that you need to absorb:

* The Mastermind has little to do with your individual brilliance or personal genius.

* The Mastermind does not have any expectations of you.

* The Mastermind carries no judgment about you or your goals and desired outcomes.

Keep in mind that the Mastermind is an intangible thing. YOU don’t have to be a Mastermind, as least as it relates to being a genius or being brilliant. The Mastermind is not you. It is not your Mastermind partners. The Mastermind group is human, but the Mastermind is universal. It is inspiration. It is motivation. And it works almost like magic.

To bring into clear focus the Mastermind concept, let’s go back to Dr. Hill’s original definition, straight out of Think and Grow Rich:

The “Master Mind” may be defined as: “Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

That’s not so complicated or mysterious, is it? On one level, the Mastermind can be as simple as getting together with a few friends and mapping out plans for a neighborhood barbecue. On another level, the Mastermind Alliance can allow you work out intricate and detailed processes to complete a major project. Whether the solutions or goals you want to attain are simple or complex, the Mastermind works in the same way.

The process of working within a Mastermind structure allows you and your Mastermind Alliance to tap into the Universal Mind in order to solve a problem, create a solution, bring new ideas into a project, or whatever goal or task you set out to achieve. Once you begin to practice this process and method with your Mastermind Alliance, you will be amazed at the answers that flow to the group.

Sometimes you will even find that the person in the alliance with the least amount of experience in a particular area of discussion will come up with that “brilliant idea” that you all are seeking. How that can be, you may ask?

There are two primary reasons. The first is that the group or alliance is tapped into the Universal Mind and therefore has access to greater potential than any individual within that group. The second reason is abundantly simple. It’s because a person inexperienced in a certain field or subject, who is also tapped into that Universal Mind, doesn’t have mental limitations about what is or is not possible in a given situation. Therefore, an inexperienced person tapped into the Universal Mind will simply offer up an inspired idea, without any consideration for whether that idea is technically feasible or virtually “impossible.” The Mastermind makes the impossible possible.

The initial response of other members of the alliance may be to reject the idea, but then something magical happens. Someone asks the question, either aloud or in their own mind: “Why not?” A flow of energy appears seemingly from nowhere and the Mastermind expands upon that idea to create a solution to the problem upon which the alliance had focused its energy. Then the newly inspired Mastermind Alliance begins to piece together how that previously “silly” idea could actually work. Never underestimate the power of the Mastermind.

To quote Dr. Hill once again:

No individual may have great power without availing himself of the “Master Mind.”

Whatever “great power” you are seeking to achieve, it will be greatly enhanced by creating a Mastermind Alliance.

Before choosing the Mastermind Alliance for you, there are some questions you may wish to answer:

* What is your primary intention for creating a Mastermind Alliance?

* Who is already in your circle of influence (friends, family members, business associates) that you consider to have similar goals, mindset and ideals?

* What special skills and talents will you contribute to a Mastermind Alliance?

* Will you be working toward a common goal or supporting each other’s individual goals, or both?

That last point brings up a variation on the Mastermind Alliance not previously discussed here. Can the members of your Mastermind Alliance have different goals? The answer is yes, as long as this is agreed upon in advance that the purpose of the group is to support each other in attaining individual goals. This then becomes the “common purpose” or “common goal” of the Alliance.

There is great power in forming a mutual support alliance. Let’s use as an example that three like-minded individuals involved in different industries form a Mastermind Alliance to support each other’s business goals. In any given Mastermind meeting, two individuals will have less technical knowledge about the third person’s industry, but will be able to offer their input from their lack of expertise, therefore, will not have preconceived ideas about how something will or will not work in that given industry. This is a great forum for developing those “silly ideas” referred to earlier.

This brings us to a few guidelines for use within the Mastermind Alliance. Each alliance is certainly free to choose their own rules and guidelines, but to be most effective, certain universal concepts should be accepted from the beginning, for example:

* The purpose of the Alliance is to create a Spirit of Harmony (from Dr. Hill)

* There is to be no negative judgment or criticism about a given idea coming from any alliance member (a good rule of thumb is: “There is no such thing as a silly idea or stupid question.”)

* Plan to meet at regularly scheduled intervals. One hour, once per week usually works for most people’s schedule.

* Take a few moments at the beginning of each meeting to focus on the outcome and state your purpose out loud, whether as a group or as individuals.

The Mastermind design is not rigid but these are guidelines you can follow to make your Mastermind Alliance experience the most successful. You can experiment with any variations that suit your own group.

You may find that it serves you better to participate in several Mastermind Alliances to accomplish different goals or create more powerful joint ventures. Anything that works for you is the perfect path when it comes to the Mastermind.

The power of the Mastermind is real. The Mastermind is always there to work for you and with you. So have fun. Play with the ideas that come through your Mastermind Alliances. Experience its unlimited power in your own world by actively using the Master Mind Alliance to achieve your highest and most inspired potential.