Renting a Mechanical Bull

Things to know, when renting a mechanical bull.

Many local bars and fairs will rent a mechanical bull for extra fun and income. Maybe you want to have a cool party and have some laughs watching your friends fall off. There are many things to consider when renting a mechanical bull. Below I list the main things to consider before you run out and get one.

When choosing a company to rent from find a reputable company like our Mechanical Bull Rental Manitoba that will bring you good quality equipment. Not broken down junk. Having a hungry crowd waiting to have fun can get messy fast if the product doesn’t work.

First Things First

You must know that you have the room necessary to accommodate the bull, its safety equipment, the controls, and a spectator viewing area. If you do not you may put the riders operator and spectators all in danger. I find that an outdoor venue rather than inside tends to be more safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Then you must consider Insurance.

You want to make sure that you or the company providing the mechanical bull has the insurance needed. You can find companies that provide insurance when renting the bull. Check with your insurance company before renting. Many people find that the insurance cost is not worth getting the bull in the first place. Unless you plan to have a big party and charge to ride you will find that the cost effectiveness for you to properly provide a mechanical bull in a back yard party environment is not good.

Who’s operating this thing?

It is not safe to allow anyone especially a drunk anyone to run a rented mechanical bull. People can get hurt if you do not know what you are doing. Horsing around with a powerful machine while drunk may leave your friend dead. I always recommend you to rent the operator with the bull. This may cost you more but in the long run it will save you much misery. Just think of the safe fun you can have knowing that someone not drunk or trying to impress that girl is operating your rented machine.

I believe if you take the time to consider these three things before you think of renting a mechanical bull you will be safe and happy.

Having a mechanical rodeo for fun is a great way to get people together and make money. You could put together a charity event or a weekly bar rodeo.

Please take the time to put together a good event. Make sure you are covered and make sure everyone will be safe. If you do all of this you should be guaranteed a great event.